TRX Shoulder Exercises

If you want to work your shoulder muscles try these 4 killer TRX shoulder exercises.

It can take months to sculpt your booty. It can take years to get six-pack abs. Your best bet for rapidly reaping the benefits of your strength exercises is to focus on your shoulders. This is due to the fact that traps and delts begin to show definition quite quickly. With only one tool: the TRX Suspension Trainer, you will build solid shoulders with these four exercises.

TRX Shoulder Exercises 1 of 4 — High Row

The TRX High Row is the first exercise in your upper body workout. Stand with your arms out and palms facing down, facing your anchor point. Pull the handles in close to your neck, stretching your elbows high and deep, and squeezing your shoulder blades at the end of the length. Repeat by slowly extending the arms back to a straight position.

On the TRX High Row, many people struggle with form, lowering their elbows too low (which transfers the effort to the lats) or curling their wrists. Remember to keep your wrists straight, your elbows high, and your forearms pressed against your biceps. It will seem as if you are trying to elbow someone in the ear.

TRX Shoulder Exercises 2 of 4 — Deltoid Fly

Another fantastic step to add to your upper body workout is the TRX Deltoid Fly. This one will help you grow the teardrop-shaped muscles on your shoulders, as the name implies.

Stand with your palms facing forward, facing the anchor point. Pull your arm back overhead into a “Y” posture, keeping the Suspension Trainer straps taut at all times. (Rather than a drooping “U,” the straps should be in a straight line.) Slowly lower your body back to your starting position, keeping your arms straight. Rep the step until the arms are completely extended.

TRX Shoulder Exercises 3 of 4 — Pull Ups

Any athlete, at any moment, can do pull-ups with the TRX Suspension Trainer. TRX Pull-Ups are a perfect way to exercise your body at home if you don’t have access to a pull-up bar or monkey bars. If you can’t do a normal pull-up, the Suspension Trainer can help you improve your strength and muscle memory by reducing the total load of the exercise.

Begin by over-shortening your Suspension Trainer. (Hint: if you shorten your straps too much, you’ll end up with loops that hang down like bunny ears.) Sit with your feet hip-width apart directly under your anchor point and your palms facing away from your body as you grasp the handles.

To engage your lats, split the handles laterally (think east-west) and raise yourself up until your ears are between the handles. Slowly lower yourself back and the ground to return to your starting spot.

The key to this step is to maintain a vertical line of movement. You should make sure your hands are above your shoulders. It’s also appropriate to support your bodyweight with your feet. As your strength improves, you can progress to sitting cross-legged and raising yourself off the ground.

TRX Shoulder Exercises 4 of 4 — Atomic Push Ups

Pulling and rowing aren’t the only ways to work the upper body. The TRX Atomic Push Up/Atomic Pike combination is primarily a core exercise, but it can also be used to strengthen your shoulders.

Begin on the deck, with your feet in the foot cradles, facing away from your anchor point. Lift your body into a hard plank posture by engaging your centre. Lower your body to execute a push up while maintaining your plank position. Drive your hips over your head into an inverted “V” for the pike, then slowly lower back to a plank stance.

These four moves will help you easily develop stronger, more toned shoulders, whether you’re in a group class or working out at home. Do you want to be torn by the summer? These exercises are a great place to begin.

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