4 Week TRX Workout Plan

4 week TRX workout plan that will get you in shape and building muscle.

This curriculum combines bodybuilding’s tried-and-true techniques with practical training. It’s a new twist on the traditional muscle-building technique.

The programme is divided into three days: a push exercise for the stomach, shoulders, and triceps, a pull workout for the back, biceps, and traps, and a total body circuit for metabolic conditioning. I suggest that you run this programme for four weeks and then make adjustments based on your desired training adaptation.

Working in supersets allows you to change up the workout sequence.

Some gestures may appear to be out of the ordinary. An asterisk has been placed next to each of these gestures. Below of day of training, I’ve provided a brief written explanation of how to perform them.

One or two days a week should be devoted to 20–30 minutes of aerobic exercise. Select a medium that you enjoy. You’ll be more likely to stick to it if you do it this way.

Don’t do it if you despise walking on an incline treadmill at the gym. Get on your bike and head out onto the trail. If you’d rather not get a tooth pulled, go for a stroll, get on a rower, plug in your headphones, and listen to your favourite podcast.

Day 1 of TRX Workout Plan

Push WorkoutExerciseSetsRepsTRX Wide Flye* — 90–120 sec 2 10TRX Push Ups 2 14TRX Incline Press 220TRX Wide Dips — 90–120 sec 2 10TRX Chest Press 2 20TRX Lunge — 90–120 2 15TRX Triceps Extension 2 10TRX Deltoid Flye 2 10

TRX Fly: If you’ve mastered the push-up, this will be a new level of difficulty. When you do a fly on a suspension trainer, you’ll raise the tension in your chest while still working your heart.

With the stars lowered to the ground, you’ll begin in push-up position (about 6 inches from the ground). Assume a palm-to-palm grip with the palms facing each other. Then drive yourself to the top of the push up.

Slowly widen the straps away from your body while maintaining a tight midsection. Your elbows should be flexed slightly. Bring the straps together at the top of the push up position to return to the starting position until your face is almost touching the ground.

Day 2 of TRX Workout Plan

Pull WorkoutExerciseSetsRepsTRX Inverted Row* — 90–120 sec 2 8TRX Hamstring Curl 2 12TRX Biceps Curl 2 15TRX Wide Strap Chin Ups — 90–120 2 8TRX Y Pulls* 2 12TRX Squat to Row — 90–120 2 20TRX Knee Tuck 2 15

TRX Y Pull: So that the ribs don’t flare up and out, pack the neck and engage the anterior heart. When you find this spot, you also don’t want to go into over-extension in the back.

With an overhand grip, assume the spot. When you lean back, your arms will be stretched out in front of you to support your weight.

You’ll be able to pull yourself up by holding your midline close and your arms locked and flexed. The straps can extend beyond your shoulders and above your head.

Reverse the process by lowering yourself and the straps to the starting point.

TRX Inverted Row: You’ll hit the upper back and biceps in one movement with the TRX inverted lines. The straps will be set low to the ground (about one and a half feet from the bottom).

Take a supinated grip on the handle (palms facing each other). Your knees should be bent and your feet should be planted on the ground. To begin, unlock your lats and then pull through with your elbows. Pull yourself up to the point that the straps are in contact with your chest.

Day 3 of TRX Workout Plan

Full Body CircuitExerciseSetsRepsTRX Three Way Row* — 90–120 3 12TRX Overhead Squat 3 20TRX Pike* 3 20TRX Push Up 3 20TRX Glute Bridge* 3 20

TRX Three Way Row: The TRX three-way row should be part of your routine if you want to build up your rear delts.

The straps will be set to hang around your shoulders. To do it, grab the straps with your palms up and lean back as far as you can while keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground. Then, with your palms up, row for four reps. Row for four reps when switching your grip to palms facing each other. Finally, move to an overhand grip and repeat for more line.

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